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Muscanell Millworks Quality ControlThe Muscanell Advantage

We take satisfaction in the finer things life offers: finer standards, finer woods, finer measurements. The planks of red birch, hickory, bay laurel, quarter- and rift-sawn white oak, big-leaf and wormy maple, tanoak, birch, cherry, madrone, alder, southern yellow pine, and walnut are milled to tight tolerances that we inspect all day, every day we go to work.

We Make Top Grades

The extra care we take selecting our hardwoods may be time consuming, but we think it’s worth it. Our hickory, White Oak, Walnut, Alder, Birch, Cherry and other hardwoods are properly kiln-dried to 6-9% moisture content. Our Casa grade is carefully cut to include only sound defect, requiring very little fill. Any clear planks the lumber yields are included, instead of being pulled for use in a higher grade. For a rustic appearance, our Mesa grade contains more character, with the same precise milling. To us, the term “rustic” is not an excuse to include all defect. Our careful grading ensures the integrity of the floor will not be compromised. Madera grade, available in some species, is a blend of Casa & Mesa. Hacienda, our highest grade, offers a more uniform look. When customers say we’re outstanding on quality, it’s because of our precision milling, long average length, extra straight planks, square end-matches, vigilant moisture control, and consistent grading. Take a stand on a floor that’s beautiful and easier to install.

Stress Relief

We relieve your stress before it gets to you. Each board is laser-aligned and cut to relieve the wood’s natural stress. Our ripping methods produce straight planks, even in our longest pieces. We know how crucial accurate milling and premium wood quality are to installing beautiful floors faster, with less to worry about. That’s relief that’s easy to nail down.

Cut and dried

We don’t leave moisture levels to chance. Our in-line moisture meter checks boards before milling. In addition to that, all our 6” and wider planks take a slow trip through our acclimation chamber and are brought to about 6% moisture prior to milling. This results in even moisture amongst the planks and assures the minimum amount of movement after milling.

Get What You Pay For

At Muscanell Millworks, our accurate tally system means what you’re charged for is what you get. As part of our neat packaging, we add stickers beneath every other bundle to allow better air circulation and aid in acclimation. Every bundle is stamped with grade and square footage.

Solid Wood Flooring has no lipNo Lip

Milling errors happen with other companies. So do excuses. We monitor our machines constantly to minimize overwood and other milling mistakes. For years, we’ve provided flooring that needs little sanding because of milling defects that should have been caught in the first place. Throughout the entire milling process, our team of technicians continually checks tolerances.

Why do we bother to mill our wood planks to tighter? Most other mills are content with looser tolerances. That little sliver can add up to big headaches like wider gaps and more aggressive sanding later on. When we pay attention to details like accurately machined tongue-and-groove planks, your floors can be installed better and faster.

We test our ends to prevent poorly fitting endsEnd-Matched, Not Filled In

Had your fill of poorly fitting ends? We’ve tested thousands of our planks for precision square ends, and they consistently match with no need for fillers and no gaps, even on our longest and widest planks. When you don’t accept substitutes for quality, the results will floor you.

We Measure Up

When it comes to length, our planks are consistently a cut above the rest. In almost all our grades and species, even the most rustic, the average length is approximately five feet. Our long lengths lend a rich look of continuity to the finished floor and reduce installation time.

Ecological Sensitivity

The wood we acquire comes from well-managed woodlands. It’s renewable, and we do our part there by supporting those suppliers who comply with Earth-friendly industry practices.

Muscanell Millworks takes it a step further, though; we recycle! We installed a machine that presses sawdust (that would otherwise be wasted) into 100% hardwood fire logs. They’re called Woodchucks, and their low emissions, low ash and low creosote make them an ideal choice for just about any stove. You can even cook over them because they don’t contain any paraffin or other binders. When we say 100% hardwood, we mean that 100%. Please visit woodchuckfirelogs.com on the web for more information.

Knowledge & Skill Make It Real

In fact, the finest thing of all is our people. They make the milling, inspection and deliveries of our fine wood flooring happen just so. Our years in the wood business have taught us how to take care of our customers by milling only the finest floor products.

Traditional Quality in Contemporary Solid Wood Flooring